The Ministry of Community Service (MCS) provides services throughout the Lower Ninth Ward. The ministry also partners with organizations such as the Martin Luther King Library (Click here to access their website) and the Tulane University Prevention Research Center (Click here to access the website). Headed by Mrs. Royliene Johnson, the MCS performs a plethora of acts that are very beneficial to the community. From providing nutritional knowledge of organic, alkaline food and water, giving away donated items of clothing, presenting opportunities for exercise, and teaching  classes in technology, members of this ministry strive to not only better the community, members also spread the mission and principles of Caffin SDA Church.



Past events:


Really Wheelin

This was taken on Sunday, June 3, 2018 as part of a biweekly community bike ride. Called "Really Wheelin", the event was also in partnership with the organization Bike Easy. This was featured on an article on the Bike Easy's website (click here to view the article).